The summer of 2015 will be like no other at Wingate University. We have asked students what they would like to see available in terms of summer course offerings -- now it is happening with more than 70 courses available! Students have an opportunity to get ahead at a lower costs.

In addition to the robust curriculum offered this summer, Wingate is scheduling a list of events to keep the campus active. 

So what does this mean? It is going to be a summer to remember.

You may begin viewing/registering for summer courses NOW! 


Intramural Sports

Fitness Programs

Local Bands

Monroe/Charlotte Events

Kellen Williams "Summer School was a good way to get through a class that would usually be difficult for me. It was a more laid back environment and less stressful since I didn't have a full schedule of classes." -Kellen Williams, Senior (Psychology major and legal studies minor)

Brandon Little

"Taking Summer School classes is an opportunity to enrich your studies and a way to get ahead. I never turn down an opportunity to move forward." -Brandon Little, Senior (Music major)