The summer of 2015 will be like no other at Wingate University. We have asked students what they would like to see available in terms of summer course offerings -- now it is happening with more than 70 courses available! Students have an opportunity to get ahead at a lower costs.

In addition to the robust curriculum offered this summer, Wingate is scheduling a list of events to keep the campus active. 

So what does this mean? It is going to be a summer to remember.

You may begin viewing/registering for summer courses NOW! 


Intramural Sports

Fitness Programs

Local Bands

Monroe/Charlotte Events

Kellen Williams "Taking summer classes at Wingate this year has been the best decision of my academic career. I am able to have the time to sit down with my professors and get to know them personally as well as professionally. The other students that are taking summer classes are great too because everyone is here because they want to learn more and the community is great." -Bruce Boorman, Junior

Brandon Little

"Taking summer classes at Wingate has allowed me enhance my education experience. Taking classes during the summer allows me to get some of my general education courses out of the way so that I can focus more on my major classes throughout the school year." -Nicki Kahlon, Senior